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The President is responsible for the general supervision and operation of Trojans Speakers Club, chairing meetings and leading the Committee in planning and accomplishing club responsibilities and goals.


Vice President - Education


The VPE plans successful meetings, ensures that roles are filled and prepares the programme. He/she also keeps track of the progress of members' speeches.


Vice President - Membership


The VPM plans, organises and implements an on-going marketing effort to maintain and increase the Club membership. This involves encouraging guests to join and motivating existing members to stay.


Vice President - Public Relations


The VPPR develops, implements and administers a programme that maintains a positive image of Toastmasters for all members, guests and the general public. He/she is responsible for internal and external public relations for the club, with the ultimate goal of attracting the maximum number of guests to meetings.




The Treasurer keeps track of the Club's finances and pays the bills. He/she also pays members' dues to Toastmasters' Headquarters via the website.




The Secretary keeps the club correspondence and files and takes minutes of meetings, making sure that decisions are carried out.


Sargeant at Arms


The SaA sets up the room for meetings and keeps the club equipment in order. In addition, he/she ensures meetings start on time, looks after visiting officials, collects and counts votes and helps with the running of club contests.


Immediate Past President


The Immediate Past President provides guidance and serves as a resource to Club officers and members. He assists in the preparation of the Club Success Plan and promotes Trojan’s efforts to become a Distinguished Club. He attends all Committee meetings and has an active voice in all decisions made.