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Meeting 24 May 2017


With a sharp 7:30pm start, our Toastmaster for the evening was Linda White. Linda did a great job of running the meeting. Around 18 members and 2 returning visitors were in attendance and many people had an active role. Table Topics were run by Rupa, who typically asked some challenging questions. Keeping time was Jaspreet, who managed to master the new light technology and accurately records the times, including the 11 plus minutes that Simon used to highlight the [rpbelm of plastic rubbish. We loved Hannah's review of the evenings Grammar, however her word "Effcacious" had many a speaker stuggling to find a context in which to use it.

Awards presented by our President, Robert Morrison.


See you all on the 14th June.

Sumeet Singh


Awarded his Ice-Breaker ribbon, Sumeet, who spoke for the first time and wowed the audience telling a story about how he left India to study in France, despite not speaking French.

Award winners


Everyone attending the meeting gets to Vote on the Best Speaker, Best Evaluator and Best Table Topic.

Here are tonight's winners

Best Speaker

Not only delivering his first speech but Summet also walked away with the Best Speaker Award. Thats some mean feat. With a natural humbleness and humour, we felt at home following his journey from India to France.

Best Table Topic

Tim Bowdler had a great evening winning the Best Table Topic award. Nice trick to flick the question away from the sdubject, but done with such style and slickness. His story about Kayaking for the first time hit the spot.

Best Evaluator

Things get mighty close in Trojan Speakers and so the Best Evaluator award was jointly won by Tim Bowdler and Craig Woolf. Impossible to separate, as both guys gave attentive comments to help develop the skills of their respective speakers.