Trojan Speakers Club

Meet the Trojan Team

Flora Ruffin

- President

Talk to me all things club related - feedback, ideas; and our team would be delighted to help.

Moe Moe

- VP Education

Talk to me about scheduling speeches and projects, EasySpeak, club contests, and mentoring.

Sumeet Singh

- VP Membership

Talk to me about how to join up, questions about membership, and application forms.


- VP Public Relation

Talk to me about Social media, Toastmaster events, club activities, and promoting Trojans.


- Secretary

Talk to me about Pathways, club records, admin records, club files, and club correspondence.


- Treasurer

Talk to me about banking, club revenue, financial records, and joining fees.

Simon Vadgama

- Sergeant in Arms

Talk to me about the club’s physical property (banners, stationery, biscuits! etc.), hall hire, and setting up club venue.

Tanuj Saluja

- Immediate Past President

Support and advice to the current president and committee.

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