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I'd like to find out more, what is the next step?

You can either email us via the ‘contact us’ page or even better, come to our next meeting (listed under Meeting Dates) as a guest.

Do I need to reserve a place to come as a guest?

Not at all. Simply come along, bring a friend if you like, and you will receive a warm welcome. Enjoy the speeches, and at the interval, you can have tea or coffee and mingle with other guests and club members. Our aim is to provide a fun and informal environment in which we can all improve our communication skills.

If I decide to join, how much will it cost?

Toastmasters is a non-profit making organization. All fees collected are used to pay for the club overheads and running costs only. As a result, the fees are very low at just £60 for six months of membership. However, for new members, there is an additional £20 charge for a welcome pack, which includes all the necessary manuals and guides. This is a mere fraction of the costs associated with attending commercial public speaking courses and programs, which can often cost hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds.

What do I gain by being a member?

As a member, you will:

  • get the opportunity to present prepared speeches, and take on speaking roles at meetings
  • improve your organizational and leadership skills by taking on committee roles
  • get training manuals that needed to help you become a better speaker and leader
  • receive a monthly magazine from Toastmasters International
  • be assigned a mentor (if you want one), who will help and guide you to achieve your goals
  • be able to take part in two international speech contests every year, which start at the club level, then go onto the area, district, regional and international levels, finally culminating with the World Championship of Public Speaking in the USA

Why Join Trojan Speakers?

Research shows that public speaking is one of our biggest fears. The very prospect can terrify us, and even make us physically ill. Yet usually at some point in our lives, we will need to speak in front of others. It may be at a formal interview, giving a work presentation, chairing a difficult meeting, or making a humorous speech at a wedding. Sometimes, how we perform on these occasions can have a huge impact on our lives: it may even be a make or break situation. There is no better way to conquer fears of public speaking than joining a Toastmasters' Club.