Our Membership

Trojan Speakers Club

Three reasons to join us:


Utilise a world-class

education Program

Our membership gives you access to the renowned education program developed by the Toastmasters International (link to education page), which promotes experiential learning to help you succeed in both professional and personal lives


Develop in an encouraging environment 

We are proud to have earned the moniker of "Friendliest and safest club to practice public speaking" because of great community led growth environment. People from a wide range of professions, experiences and backgrounds create a great environment to offer value to and develop each other


Build your leadership skills

Although on surface Toastmasters might present itself as a Public Speaking forum, but along with that great leadership opportunities are available to build your planning and people management skills.

Our membership fee structure:

Here is a breakdown of the fee structure for you:

Membership Renewal Cycle:

Every 6 months we renew our membership with Toastmaster International.

The cycle consists of the following :
October to March: £60
April to September: £60

New Member Fee: £20
A one-time payment, for new members registering to Toastmasters for the first time.

One Month Fee: £10
If you join after the club cycle, the payment is calculated monthly. You will be required to pay for the remaining month only.

*Fees subject to change according to the cost of running the club.

Club Meeting Roles

The success of a club meeting depends on the participants. At each meeting, there are many roles to fill and they play an important part in making the club experience enjoyable.

Below is a list of the club meeting roles. Click on the title for a brief description and resources to help fulfil each role. Please note that roles and responsibilities may vary slightly from club to club, so check with your club officers when you are assigned a role.

The Toastmaster of the meeting is it’s overall host, introducing all the items and linking them together.

The evaluators provide verbal and written feedback to meeting speakers by giving useful commendations and recommendations.

The Grammarian helps club members improve their grammar and vocabulary by commenting on the use of language during the meeting.

Table Topics® is a long-standing Toastmasters tradition intended to help members develop their ability to organize their thoughts quickly and respond to an impromptu question or topic.

The main purpose of the Harkmaster role is to encourage effective listening during the meeting by compiling questions and running a quiz session towards the end.

The Prepared Speaker gives a speech for which prior notice has been given.

The Timekeeper is responsible for timing items in the meeting, and signalling at appropriate points.

The Topicsmaster delivers the Table Topics® portion of the meeting, which helps train members to quickly organize and express their thoughts in an impromptu setting.

Want to learn more?

To contact our VP Membership Dil for more information about becoming a member, you can also let her know if you would like to attend as a guest.

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Meet our Friendly, Diverse and Welcoming Members


warm, supportive, and

"safe" environment

Communication is a powerful skill that can assist you in all aspects of your life. There are some people that just seem to be able to get up and speak eloquently without showing any fear or nervousness. Well, I wasn’t one of them! And that is the reason I decided to join Trojan Toastmasters Club. It was the first step towards overcoming my great fear and developing my confidence in public speaking. The all empowering realization that I wasn’t alone, made such a huge difference in my attitude and confidence towards getting up there and communicating! It wasn’t easy, I had to step out of my comfort zone and confront my fears. I set my own pace and have gone from strength to strength. The warm, supportive, and "safe" environment of the club has also played a major role in my development over the past three years. I would certainly recommend this to my friends, family, and colleagues, should they wish to improve on their communication skills.  It can change lives!


- Past Member

my stage fright was gone

I joined Trojan Speakers to get over my stage fright. At work, I was the last person to volunteer to do any presentation. Even in a company meeting, I always dreaded the moment when it came to my turn to speak. Then a friend recommended me, Toastmasters.  When I went to my first meeting, I found the members to be very friendly and relaxed. They were very supportive. I went there expecting I will be the only novice out there. But there were quite a few like me. So I felt a sense of belonging right from the start.  I can still remember the day I gave my first ever prepared speech - the nervousness I felt before the speech and the feeling of achievement I felt after the speech. The audience was very supportive. I was hooked in. I took every opportunity to be on the stage. A few months later, my stage fright was gone.  Last year I delivered my 10th prepared speech and got my Competent Communicator award. I am so proud of my achievement. I am a much more confident speaker now, even my self-confidence has rocketed. I would recommend Toastmasters to anyone interested in improving their communication skills.


- Past Member

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